case study from a practice placement detailing a complex management intervention.


(suggested around 5-10% of assignment words) Your introduction should inform the reader what the assignment will do –

• Briefly identify the CYP and the context of the environment

• Outline the key complex management intervention that will be analysed – and the keys arguments discussed in the assignment

• Maybe include a statement, with evidence, to set the context around one of the key issues, or in relation to complex care coordination….

• Include the NMC confidentiality clause – and any pseudonyms used

Justify complexity of health & social care issues

(suggested around 20% of assignment words) This section of the case study will now link specifically to the CYP case chosen.

• Demonstrate an understanding of their health condition, and any other health or social care needs – and if they relate in any way

• Justify the complexity of the situation

Next choose one management intervention that related to this episode of care – for example:

• A case conference or review

• This could be a CYP with a physical health problem like diabetes but also a mental health issue; a CYP with asthma and a housing issue; or a CYP with epilepsy but there is language barrier

• A deterioration in a CYP’s condition meaning an acute episode

• A patient requiring intensive interventions in primary or secondary care

• A patient requiring discharge planning with complex health & social care needs

• A patient requiring transfer to tertiary services

• A young person with long term health condition transitioning to adult services

This list is not exhaustive!

Analysis of the intervention

(suggested around 60% of assignment words)

 This is a key section of the assignment – here you will make a judgement about the ‘management’ intervention – (this is as in care management intervention)

• Analyse the roles & responsibilities of the other care professionals in this complex case management and coordination of care

• Explore the role of the nurse in the intervention

• Consider areas such as – communication, teamworking, leadership, partnership working, inter-agency team working – and support this analysis with evidence

• Consider the CYP and family in this intervention – were their thoughts & wishes obtained, considered & integrated into the plan of care??

• Evaluate the complex management intervention – was it effective? Were any guidelines followed? Was risk management considered?


(suggested around 5-10% of assignment words) This is a brief summary of the key components of the case study content.

Do not include any new evidence.

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