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Writing Assignment: Weekly Case Study 9

Weekly Case Study

Choose any case study from this week’s reading. If none is provided in the textbook or by your instructor, locate a suitable case online. Review the case and provide a one-paragraph summary. Answer any questions provided as part of the case, including both the question and the answer in your response.

Submit your work here as a Microsoft Word document.

Include your name, course, and date in the upper left corner.

Double-space the body of your paper and be sure that the font is 10 or 11 points.

Use a centered title for your submission (e.g., “Case Study 1: The Sedgewick Hotel, NYC”).

Case summary must be one paragraph (5-9 sentences).

Answer any questions provided, using enough factual evidence, quantification, and specific detail to explain what the question is asking.

Business analysis writing should always been in third person unless it’s presented in a memo or email format.

All writing must be original and your own work. Plagiarism is reported through appropriate academic processes.

Any sources used must be cited in APA format and listed as references at the end of the document.

Written Assignment Rubric (20 Points)

Professionally structure and present your document, avoiding first and second-person writing (except in direct memos) in favor of third-person objective style. Cite any information used at the place in the text where it is used, and be sure that there is a matching reference list entry. Proofread and avoid formatting mistakes.



13 to 14 points

Demonstrates mastery by appropriately analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating the assigned topic, with explicit references to relevant course content and concepts.

Format & Organization

3 points

Submission is well organized and adheres to all formatting requirements with minimal errors.


3 points

Appropriately applies conventions of academic writing style and skillfully communicates meaning to readers with clarity, fluency, and minimal errors.

follow the instruction and the rubric, write the references and in-text citations, and no plagiarism the teacher uses Turnitin the check the writing, the high quality uses the book to write the case study, and the case studies are in the last back of the book.

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