carolyn Miller’s “Genre in Ancient and Networked Media”

The reading responses are a chance to respond to a course reading in personal, reflective fashion. They are not formal papers, but are opportunity to express your perspective. What did you agree with or disagree with? What did you find insightful or problematic? Did you see any interesting connections to anything else you’ve learned in this class or in other classes? You do not have to respond to all of these questions (and in fact, I recommend not trying to), which are just to give you some ideas for how you might develop your response. In fact, you don’t have to answer any of them and can go in a different direction entirely. Responses should be approximately 500 words and carefully written and proofread. Make sure to use intext citation in APA format, as appropriate, and include a full APA citation for the reading at the end of your response.    

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