Calculate incremental earnings, free cash flow, and NPV in excel

In this project, you are asked to forecast the free cash flows, estimate the cost of capital and calculate the NPV of a project. The information about the project is contained in the Excel file for this project. Please download the Excel file and turn it into a spreadsheet that can calculate the NPV of the project. Make sure that you are not typing in the numbers into each cell manually. Except for the original parameters, the numbers in all other shells should be automatically generated by referencing other cells or by programming the right formulae, like what we did in the HomeNet example in class. When I grade your submission, I will change the initial parameters above the table to see if your spreadsheet can automatically calculate the new NPV. If you have programmed the Excel sheet correctly, you should get a NPV of $988.92 for the parameter currently given. This project is due at 2 AM on October 12. You should upload your spreadsheet to the Blackboard by first clicking on the assignment title, which will open the submission page, then you upload your Excel file.

See attached file. Please make sure that formulas are included and not just answers. 

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