Business Plan for Travel Agency

Create business plan for travel agency that specialized in planning honeymoons, destination wedding travel, and romance travel for couples and groups.  Business will be located in San Antonio, TX and will be considered a Sole Propietorship. The intent is to own and operate it indefinitely so selling the business is not a consideration.

Sections Include:

Executive Summary Section A: Business Concept Section B: Industry Analysis Section C: Regulation and Legal Section D: Competitive analysis Section E: Target Market and Segmentation Section F: Value Proposition Section G: Pricing Strategy Section H: Marketing Promotion Strategy Section I: Day-to-Day Operations Section J: Facilities and Equipment Plan Section K: Technology Plan Section L: Use of Funds Section M: Sales Forecast Section N: Breakeven Section O: The Future and Globalization

Please incorporate charts, graphs. Attached is the template with further instructions for each section.   

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