Business Management Unit 6 Activity

This is an activity that solidifies difficult concepts from this unit. Answer each question briefly but completely. If sources are used, they must be cited. Explain CRM and how it can affect customer relations. Describe supply chain management along with its impact on business. Discuss the current technologies organizations are integrating with enterprise resource planning systems.

Unit Preview In this unit, we address the various types of information systems organizations use to help them run their daily operations. These are called Enterprise MIS which are primarily transactional systems that concentrate on management and flow of low-level data items for basic business processes such as buying and delivery. Chapter 8 introduces high-profile strategic initiatives and organizations can undertake to help it gain competitive advantages that business efficiencies. Successful organizations recognize the competitive advantage of open relationships with their stakeholders. This has a direct impact on positive revenue and company profitability. Business professionals must understand the critical relationship with business must have with its stakeholders. Knowing how to analyze not only the organization but the stakeholders as well enable one to meet and exceed expectations. Enterprises are technologically empowered as never before to reach their goals and making intelligent business may need to be, without the added time tracking data can generate reports

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