Business Management Homework Assignment

In this exercise, you will have an opportunity to rank order 8 jobs in a hotel based on the points that you will generate from a point-factor method. The point-factor method is the most widely used job evaluation technique because it is versatile and can be applied to different jobs. It is also relatively easy to implement and provides a quantitative basis for jobs to be compared against each other. From the points that you obtain for each job, this method enables the jobs in a firm to be placed in a hierarchical order based on its relative value to the firm. When you use the point-factor method, you need to be mindful that you are evaluating the content of each job and not the attribute of the persons who are currently holding positions in these jobs.

You are given 8 job descriptions in this exercise. Below is a job evaluation manual describing the job components/attributes that are important to the hotel, which are deserving of compensation in the hotel industry. Each of these job attributes, called compensable factors, is defined. The various levels of difficulty for each of these compensable factors are also defined in this manual. A job evaluation form, comprising these compensable factors and their factor levels as well as points allocated to each factor level, is provided for you to evaluate the worth of each job within its respective job family. Please juxtapose the information in each job description against the information in this manual to rate each job with its appropriate job evaluation form. From the points that you obtain from your evaluation, you can then place these 8 jobs into a hierarchical order.

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