Business Law: Business Structures/Recommendation

 Hide Assignment InformationTurnitin™Turnitin™ enabledThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin™.InstructionsGeneral Instructions for Learning Activities Read/watch all assigned materials listed for the week in the Course ContentCite to assigned materials in all responses in Learning ActivitiesUse only assigned materials to complete Learning Activities; do not use the internet unless otherwise instructedInclude in-text citations and a Reference List for in-text citations Write in correct, complete sentences, in paragraph format unless otherwise instructedSubmit Learning Activities to Assignment FolderTips for Formatting and Structuring Analysis:Write in complete sentences in paragraph format.Use in-text citations citing to relevant assignment materials. Double-space; 12-point Arial or Times Roman font.Introductory Sentence: Begin with an introductory sentence or very brief paragraph that states your conclusion to the questions asked. Concluding Sentence: End the discussion with a concluding sentence or a very brief paragraph that summarizes your conclusion/what you discussed.Support Arguments and Positions: Please refer to the module in Content, “How to Support Arguments and Positions”. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) citation format for all citations.  Learning Activity: due 11:59 pm ET, Saturday Background Facts You Need To Know: In addition the background facts set forth here, you must consider the facts set forth in the course introduction.  Connor, Denise, Larisa, and Sam recognize an essential early step in creating Viral Clean (‘Clean”) is to agree on a business organizational form and clarify the owners’ roles because each has different priorities, interests, and expectations about the business.Businesses are created in one of several organizational structures or forms. Choosing a business structure involves several factors, including which structure is most favorable for the company and its owners. The goal for Clean is to minimize legal risks and liabilities and tax liabilities for the owners and the business. The owners understand a business organizational structure can achieve this goal and define their managerial roles and responsibilities clearly to satisfy their interests and maximize their areas of expertise.Connor, Denise, Larisa, and Sam agree that weighing and balancing advantages and disadvantages for the company and its owners is the heart of the process of choosing a business structure. The owners have met privately to discuss their decision. They are now ready to meet with TLG for further analysis, negotiation, and a decision regarding the Clean business structure.  InstructionsTo assist in this process, Winnie and Ralph asked you to assess several business structures and their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages for Clean. Those structures are:General PartnershipLimited PartnershipLimited Liability PartnershipGeneral CorporationLimited Liability CompanyEvaluate and synthesize this information, and do the following two things:  1. Chart You Need to Prepare: Create a comparison matrix showing the five types of business structures and comparing and contrasting each type of business structure. You may use the chart format in the hyperlink above, or create a similar chart, or create an excel chart.The chart should include several areas for comparison, (e.g., the procedure for the formation, cost of formation, etc.). The chart should consist of various types of liability for comparison.The chart should be an in-depth and comprehensive comparison.Ensure the pros and cons of each organizational structure are easily and compared in the chart.  2. Report You Need to Prepare: Write a report to Clean owners:  A. recommending a business structure for Clean that best minimizes tax and personal liability for the new business and its owners  B. explaining and justifying your recommendation, specifically and in detail.  Tips for Formatting Report: The report should use the following format  Report  TO: Winnie James, Ralph Anders  FROM: (your name)  RE: Clean Business Structure  DATE:  1.  2.

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