business ethics

plz read it carefully All the information are in the attachment A Guide to Case Study Write Ups.Think of a case study write up as a formal document where your goal is to do the following:  1.) Identify a moral question / issue that is present in a fact pattern (a series of facts about what happened or will happen).  2.) Provide an answer to the moral question, by offering a moral argument. A moral argument contains a moral principle and facts and draws a moral conclusion that is supported by the principle and the facts.  3.) Offer a set of considerations against your conclusion. These considerations are so to speak what people who don’t agree with your conclusion might challenge you to respond to.  4.) Offer a set of responses to the considerations / objections to your answer.A case study write up also has the following features. a.) It is between 600 to 800 words, double spaced preferred Please do not send it through canvas, I have to download it, and I don’t want to do that. b.) It cites sources that are used in the case study write up, most importantly it cites the article from which the case study write up was derived, but also it can cite additional sources that you use to make your argument. c.) It is well written, divided into at least four paragraphs, one for each of the mains sections 1-4 discussed above.d.) It aims to be an objective defense of an answer to a moral question via an argument. Your goal is to provide an argument and offer responses to the most challenging objections. You don’t need to concern yourself with whether you win the debate. Rather, you need to concern yourself with whether you believe the answer you are giving and the reasoning that goes into it. Reflect on the problem, and give your authentic answer that you believe to be correct.

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