Business and Management

Please separate the 2 topics in the document. cite two scholarly articles as sources for each topic and separate them by placing them in the reference section for each topic. 

Topic 1: Please join me for our 05 seminar, where we will explore the “organizing” function of management. This week, we will see that a second essential function of managers is organizing, which is the process of coordinating and allocating a firm’s resources in order to carry out its plans. Organizing includes developing a structure for the people, positions, departments, and activities within the firm. Organizing is the function of management which follows planning. It is a function in which the synchronization and combination of human, physical, and financial resources take place. All three resources are important to get results. Therefore, organizational function helps in the achievement of results which, in fact, is important for the functioning of a concern. In this week’s seminar, we will hear from Professor Jen Olaco as she discusses the importance of organizing in the business and how management utilizes this function to effectively attain the organization’s goals. Please see the seminar at the following link: After viewing the seminar, for our post-seminar assignment, write a short 275 word summary addressing the main points from the seminar. Answer the questions: “What did you find most helpful/interesting about the function of organizing in a business and its importance? How can this information help you in your career as well as your personal life?” You can use teh video as one of your references for this topic. 

Topic 2: Discuss some of the reasons people tend to resistance change in the workplace and propose solutions how to ease their fears. Using your textbook, the NAU Online Library (NAU Online Library subject guide, Peer-reviewed Journal Articles), and/or other professional resources, cite at least 2 scholarly/professional sources. Your answer should be a minimum of 275 words.

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