business analysis using financial statement (Target company: Hai di lao)

In the final project, you will develop a comprehensive analysis of a company of your choice. The objective is two-fold: (i) from a managerial perspective, understand from its accounting information if the company is performing well and whether some actions may be required to improve performance or reduce risk (operational or financial); (ii) from an investor perspective, forecast future cash flows and assess the value of the company. Your final project should be no more than 6 pages, excluding appendix or Excel spreadsheets. You should upload on Canvas all required documents (including financials and spreadsheets) that were used to form your assessment of the company. Importantly, your write-up must be self-contained and carefully explain all the assumptions and relevant highlights from any supporting spreadsheet analyses.  

Below is revised guidance that you may use to form a complete assessment of the company. This template is optional, and you may organize your work differently if you choose to do so or if you think that your company warrants it. In mini B (forecasting and valuation), it is recommended, but not required, that you use the same company.

In the template below, questions and pages are primarily indicative, but you may want to use more or less space depending on the specifics of your company.

Good sources of information are SEC EDGAR ( where you can find the 10-K (annual filing), investor relations of the company website which includes annual reports and transcripts of earnings announcements, as well as analyst notes on various financial websites such as google or yahoo finance (among others).   

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