Building an A3 Document – Process Improvement Methods


In this weekly assignment series, you will be building your own A3 problem-solving report to improve a process in your real life. Each week we will complete one box from the A3. This week you will complete box 1 and only box 1. In assignment 1 you will be choosing 1 of three common processes to improve. Morning routine Evening routine Study routine To describe your chosen process, you will complete the Title and Box 1 of your A3 (Do this assignment in paragraph form submitted in a word format). To complete box 1 you will have to answer 3 questions: What specific performance measure (KPI with units of measure) needs to be improved? You need to choose 3 KPI’s that describe your process and measure them. What is the purpose, the business reason for choosing this issue? What is the historical context of the situation (i.e. how long has this been happening)? Lessons learned: Please write a brief paragraph sharing your reflections/lessons learned from doing this assignment. It should include how you personally benefited from doing this assignment. All submissions should be in a standard Word document and not exceed1 page.

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