Body System Exam write up for Lung Thorax

Please I want to write in detail about a specific area with 5 references within the last four years.please follow the rubric below mention

1. inspection: Assess for chest wall deformity – notes A/P ratio while patient seated or standing (inspects ant/posterior), Respiratory effort and movement, e.g. retraction, accessory muscles diaphragmatic breathing, respiratory rate (posterior and anterior), Inspects nails for clubbing, lips/fingers, and overall color for cyanosis

1.palpation : Respiratory excursion – extent, symmetry (ant/posterior), tactile fremitus (anterior and posterior), costochondral tenderness (anterior) ,  patient instruction 

2. percussion: procedure – side-to-side comparison, percussion technique (middle finger on top of other middle fingers) percussion in all lung fields, anterior,   posterior, diaphragmatic excursion (bilaterally, or performs one side and verbalizes they would do both sides), patient instruction

4. Auscultation: procedure – side-to-side comparison. Ladder fashion auscultation in all lung fields, anterior, posterior, lateral R, lateral L, apices, Patient instruction

Special Test 

Egophony test 

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