What are your thoughts on the Coronavirus?

  • Research pandemics of the past and make some comparisons of what we are in the midst of currently. How does this particular pandemic compare to past outbreaks? To expand on this, think about how this modern-day pandemic is playing out in our current conditions and address how population, transportation, views on science, and socioeconomic conditions play a part in the containment/management of this virus.

Finally, it is critical to correctly cite sources. Here are some examples of how you may cite in the discussions:

  1. A study by Smith (1991) on the species……determined that the species was self-incompatible.
  2. The species …. is self-incompatible (Smith, 1991)….
  3. In a study by Smith (1) on the species…..
  4. The species is self-incompatible (1)…..

At the bottom of the post, you will then write:

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