Biographical essay

Biographical Essay

Final draft due 04/27

The Basics:

MLA Style

1000 – 1250 Words

At least 5 Sources, including:

At least 2 biographical overviews

At least 2 contextual overviews

At least 1 primary source contemporaneous to the biographical subject

The Details

Students will write a biographical essay about a person who died before 1985.

This essay will include a governing thesis statement that makes a debatable claim about that person, their life, or their legacy.

To accomplish this, students will:

Choose a biographical subject who died before 1985

Learn about that individual and their life through biographical research in secondary sources

Learn about that individual’s cultural and historical contexts through historical research in secondary sources

Read something written by or about the individual while they were alive through research into primary sources

Following their research, students will synthesize what they’ve learned, and develop a debatable claim about that individual, which they will then substantiate via concrete reference to specific details and claims encountered in their research.

I’m going to need a Thesis statement that is DEBATABLE and FOCUSED. Due  by April 6, 2023 at 6:30 AM

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