Big five traits

The exhibit below speaks to the Big Five Traits. 

Select three of the five and apply them to your current profession/position. If you are currently not employed, simply share your understanding of the three you selected. In addition to the textbook, utilize at least two outside sources to support your response. Model of How Big Five Traits Influence OB Criteria Response Guidelines Respond to the discussion question(s).

 Discussion responses need to be a minimum of 300 words in length. Replies to your peers need to be a minimum of 100 words in length. You are required to post a minimum of three (3) responses for each discussion. One response to the discussion question and “initiate” a minimum of 2 replies to a class member’s post. 

You are required to respond with depth, breadth and insight to the discussion question(s) as well as one of your class members. Your response to the discussion question(s) must be tied back to the chapter material and outside research is expected. You are also required to answer the question posed by the instructor and class members’. Replies to your class members’ are intended to move the discussion forward. Telling them that they simply did a good job is not acceptable. 

Asking a question or two about the position they took will move the discussion forward. . Properly format your post so the reader can clearly discern which section of the post you are addressing and it does not appear as one long paragraph. The use of section headings is highly encouraged to organize your post. Always cite your sources. Visiting the discussion board multiple times during the week will not only maximize your learning experience, it will improve your grade.

You can take the Example like you’re not employed currently or you can take the examplelike you’re working on a bank or something like that.

This is a 2 phase work. First I will need the work that I am going to  post on a discussion form. It needs to be min 300 words. Need to use the chapter material( is the book called Behavioral Managerial, you can google it to have a general idea or I can provide you some material from the book). You will also need to use to outside sources. And citation is very important, also the references at the end of work. 

Phase 2 will be after a couple of days after you give me the work, I will update my order and post the work of my two classmates. You will need to respone to them with a min req words 100 or more. And like I said above it needs to be deep thought, inside and provide evidence,  no just agreeing what they need. You can also put questions in there so we the discussion can move forward. 

Also, there is a file here, with Big Five traits that you will be based on for your work.

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