Becton Dickinson medical device SWOT and Finanical analysis

Please prepare a SWOT analysis with Financial Analysis of Becton Dickinson medical device company. Your analysis here should include at least three items for each SWOT factor. You should include strategic recommendations based upon your SWOT analysis as a part of the assignment. An example SWOT is included in the sample Apple paper. You should be using library databases to help to develop your SWOT analysis. EBSCO company reports and Business Insights can be very helpful on this assignment. Be sure to cite sources you have used in your analysis. A google search alone is not sufficient to complete this assignment. Fernfort University,, etc. are not appropriate sources. Be sure to note you will need at least ten sources from outside of your firm. The sources should be from edited content providers. Fernfort, MBA school, and Marketing teacher are not edited sources. You will also automatically have your paper reviewed for originality via Turn it in. I have attached a sample paper to show structure and needed material layout.

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