Association of acute appendicitis and socioeconomic status: Application of evidence-based practice

Evidence based practice in nursing care is based on proven evidence that is up to date and well researched. Evidence based practice is important in nursing because it provides the best care to patient and families, which gradually leads to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction with care. For this paper, you have picked a topic that 

interest you and you will write a paper using evidence-based research. You will need to reference at least 5 scholarly journal articles, but you do need to have a minimum of 3 resources (only reputable resources are allowed, you can use your textbook as one resource). The references cannot be older than 5 years. The paper needs to be between 5 to 8 pages long, not including the reference or title page. No points will be taken off for exceeding 5 pages.This 

paper is intended for you to research your topic and review a scholarly journal article. When developing your paper, you should include the background/situation, the pathophysiology behind the disease process, incorporate the expected growth & development for the age of the patient you choose to focus on, and discuss Erikson & Piaget’s 

stages of development and how nursing care should be provided based on the stage of which the patient is in. 

Remember this is a research paper. The use of first person is not acceptable. This paper should avoid plagiarism. If you receive a similarity report percentage greater than 10%, points will be deducted. It is required that you use 7th edition APA when writing the paper.


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