English UKIntroductionThe Hubble telescope is a space orbiting telescope and was launched in 1990 promising far greater view of space than Earth based telescopes. A key part of the Hubble telescope design was the mirror within the telescope. This mirror design and manufacture was both highly advanced and unique. However once launched it became apparent there was something wrong with the telescope because the images were not much better than Earth based telescopes and distant objects in deep space could not be seen. On investigation it was discovered the required precision mirror had been ground into the wrong shape. This mistake resulted in delays in utilising Hubble telescope for its specific purpose and cost many billions of dollars to correct.As a starting point the below YouTube click offers an overview of the Hubble disaster are required to investigate this failure using various internet and report sources to investigate the Hubble Telescope issue.RequirementsWrite a report that outlines the key failings that led to the expensive mistake. You should provide a detailed narrative of the suspected causes of failure in line with the DMAIC reporting structure. Within the DMAIC cycle, you are also required to apply appropriate quality engineering / forensic analysis techniques that assist in identifying the causal relationships between the various elements of the system and, how they can be used to point more specifically to the actual cause of failure.Note: Google or Wikipedia is not allowed as a reference sourceThe paper will be checked for originality and if it fails turnitin then I failed the courseReferences should be both Articles and booksKindly make use of Metsearch as one of the resource20:25 To access metsearch: soon will it be available?20:30 No Google or Wikipedia allowed20:31 And should comprise of journals and books20:31 I mean referencing20:31I will deliver in 12 hours20:32  Hardvard referencing and will be tested on turnitin to prove originality20:32 Please do your best for me20:33To access Metsearch which is our school library resource. After opening the website go to the bottom and click : Library & Information Services, after click: Library servicers then click MetsearchSure20:33 

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