Assignment 1.1 Job Performance

2. Describe your “job” as a student in terms of the job performance dimensions discussed in this chapter. What would be the benefit of approaching student performance from a behavior perspective rather than from an outcome such as their grades perspective? What would the downside of this approach be? How would grading policies in your classes have to change to accommodate a behavior approach to student performance? 3. Describe the job that you currently hold or hope to hold after graduation. Now look up that job in the O*NET database. Does the profile of the job fit your expectation? Are any task behaviors missing from O*NET profile? 4. Explain the concept of 360 degree feedback. 5. Consider how you would react to 360 degree feedback. If you were the one receiving the feedback, whose views would you value most: your manager’s or your peer’s? If you were asked to assess a peer, would you want your opinion to affect that peer’s raise or promotions? Explain why. 6. Describe a job in which citizenship behaviors would be especially critical to an organization’s functioning, and one in which citizenship behaviors would be less critical. What is it about a job that makes citizenship more important? 

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