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We are learning about the assessment of abnormal behavior and mental disorders this week. Now is a great time for us to look at some self-assessments that are posted online to see if we consider them to be good or poor self-assessments.

Self-assessments are tests or questionnaires you take yourself to test whether or not you “may have a problem” or should “seek further help.”

Please find a self-assessment online and take it. Please copy and paste the URL into your browser. Please do NOT share how you scored on the assessment (this is confidential). Here is an example Web site that offers one self-assessment: (Links to an external site.)


What you SHOULD share in your response (with each part labeled a), b), c), d), e), and f) as follows) is;

a) the disorder that the assessment was aimed at measuring (please include this as the first word words of your post so students can see the disorder easily as they scroll through the discussion forum (“e.g., Depression Assessment)

b) paste in the URL of the assessment that you found

c) discuss whether you thought this assessment was “good” or “poor” and at least three points supporting your argument

You should consider whether the assessment is too vague, too short, too long, contains “jargon” or is difficult to understand, is easy to fake, etc.. You can comment on specific questions included as well as the assessment overall.

d) did the test seem to assess DSM criteria for the disorder? If the criteria for the disorder are not in the book, you should be able to find them online

e) do you think that the interpretation of the results was adequate?

f) Were the interpretations sensitive and “responsible” in the sense that the test-taker gets referred to seek professional help for a second opinion?


Please reply to one other student who chose to take an assessment for a disorder other than the disorder that you chose to write about in your initial post. Follow the link to the assessment that the other student posted, view their initial post, and then respond with your opinion about the assessment. Three or more sentences of meaningful commentary are required for the reply. You can mention if you agree with their opinion partially or fully, you could compare and contrast the kinds of questions that the assessments you both wrote about contained, and more… You may reply to more than one student, but only one reply post is required this week for full credit on this assignment

example and the post for reply:   A) Anxiety Disorder Assessment


C) I personally feel as if the questions on this assessment were very common and or surface level quesionts that pertain to stress in your day to day life. Although a lot of the questions were surface level I think they addressed and judged the topic of anxiety adequtely especially since this test was on the shorter side. Overall I think this test was a solid test to judge anxiety.

D) This assessment focuses on a generalized form of anxiety disorders, henceforth this test doesnt particularly asses DSM criteria for this disorder. This is also due to the questions in the assessment being incredibly generic, so it was unable to specify a certain type of anxiety disorder to clarify under DSM.

E) I think the interpretations of the results from the test were adequate from my own perspective, and most others in a general sphere.

F) The Results page of this test was increidbly informativve in giving the test-takers adiquate options for proffessional help if needed as well as scoring guides for how well you did on the test

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