Assessment Design and Appraisal

Part 1

You will create a Unit of Common Instructional Product. You may use the template in Resource 6.6 on page 190 in Gottlieb’s Assessing ELLs textbook.

In the template, you will select the grade band, content area (math, language arts, social studies, science), content standard, theme or topic of study, burning issue or big idea, proficiency levels of ELLs, project, and duration of the project. This common instructional product should apply to at least two of the four content areas. The ideal instructional project would apply to all four. You will want to identify stakeholder involved in the design and implementation. The language is English. You will want to complete and submit Resource 6.4 on page 188 and Resource 6.5 on page 189 of Gottlieb. You may simply scan and complete or retype if you prefer. These two resources must be completed as a practice in evaluating the steps of designing your common instructional product.

Part 2 and Part 3

Now that the template is complete, you will create an actual performance assessment as described in the common instructional product for the identified project, and design a scoring rubric to accompany the assessment. The assessments may be traditional or alternative. The rubric may be holistic, developmental, checklist, or analytical. You may use examples and templates available in your textbooks to guide and inform your assessment and rubric design. You should not copy verbatim. 

You may access the Tennessee content standards by grade level here.

You may access the WIDA standards here. 

Book 1

Book 2

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