Assessing a scientific paper: Spiny Mice Modulate

Finish the short answer assignment based on the paper “Spiny Mice in Evolution Canyon”.

Section 1: Paper specific questions

1. What are the three main adaptive functions for coloration in mammals stated in the paper?

2. Why is Evolution Canyon a good place to look at adaptive coloration?

3. What color is pheomelanin?

4. What color is eumelanin?

5. What is the difference between the mice on the “African” and “European” slopes? 

6. In 2-3 sentences, summarize the results of this research. 

Section 2: General science questions

1. Why is this research important?

2. What is the hypothesis and/or research goal of the study? In what section(s) of the paper do you find this? Hint: it is more than 1 section.

3. What are the major methods used? What tense is used? (Limit your answer to 5 sentences or fewer.)

4. What are the major results?

5. What conclusion(s) did the authors make about their hypothesis/goal?

6. What new hypothesis/goal emerges from the results?

7. Did you already know the background material needed to understand the research? If you
wanted more background information on the topic, where in your textbook would you look? Where in the article would you look to find more information? Which article would you read? 

 How would you properly cite this article in the “References” section of a lab report? (Refer to Chapter 5 of your writing guide):

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