Article Review Paper

1. Submit a 3-page analysis (5 pages total with Title Page and References) of an article that cites an example of unethical behavior as related to corporate or an individual’s behavior in the use of technology/data or unethical manipulation of such. Your analysis should include a summary of the article, your analysis of the ethical problem presented in the article, and how the topic relates to a biblical worldview. The ethical problem should be clearly stated. Do not assume that your summary makes the ethical problem self-evident. 

2. Article Selection: 

It is recommended that you choose a topic that is related to your major (BS in Accounting)

however, thetopic must incorporate technology.

This should be a specific event, not an article such as “Five Ways Companies are Unethical with Data”. Such an article may be a good starting place but will not be sufficient for this assignment. The article will be current – from within the past 3 years. You can likely find an example from as recent as this week/month. As this may be a news article, be sure that you are using a valid source of news. You should find multiple sources reporting the same information to ensure that your assessment of the reporting is accurate. Feel free to cite these 

additional sources as well as your main article. 

3. Biblical Worldview: You will include at least two biblical references in your analysis

4. Use APA format, including in-text citations and a reference page.

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