art. review 2


·      7 Rings, Ariana GrandeURL

·      How Ariana Grande Fell Off the Cultural Appropriation TightropeURL

·      Rapper 2Chainz Transforms his Pink Trap House Into an HIV Testing CenterURL

Please respond to these questions.

1. Watch the video for “7 Rings.” What are some of the images you notice?

2. To what extent do you think Grande has or has not appropriated others’ cultures with this video? What are some examples to support your conclusion?

3. What is the song itself about? How does the video support or enhance the themes of the lyrics?

4. What does the house in Grande’s video look like, both inside and out? How is this similar to 2Chainz’s pink trap house? How is it different?

5. To what extent do you think it is or is not important to critique artists like Ariana Grande for cultural appropriation? Does holding artists accountable for the messages in their art change anything?

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