Arizona Main police Department

You have been assigned  Arizona to do your research paper. You will be choosing the main police department to research and then another similar sized agency within the same state to compare the crime statistics and any situational factors against. Please begin your research poject by selecting a police agency with your assigned state, preferably a larger one where you can find issues that the agency has been dealing with in the recent past. The second agency need only be of a comparable jurisdiction (based on resident population) and from the same state.  Name of Police DepartmentYour NameCurrent Issues in Law Enforcement (CJ-210-P01)Professor’s NamePassaic County Community CollegeOUTLINE FORMATStudents should use the outline provided for the PowerPoint Presentation as a guide to formatting your paper. Your paper should contain the following topics, each covered by one or more paragraphs:1. The location of the Department being researched.2. The demographics of the jurisdiction and of the Department.Jurisdiction Served DepartmentPopulation served Department size Racial composition of community: Racial composition of department:% White % White % Black/AA % Black/AA % Hispanic % Hispanic % American Indian/Alaska Native % American Indian/Alaska Native % Asian % Asian % Male % Female Annual Median Household Income Starting Pay (Yearly) % Population with Associate Degree or better Minimum Educational Requirement to be Hired % of Individuals lining below the poverty line % of individuals over 25 who do not have a high school diploma % of female headed households with children under 18 years old Population density  3. Crime in the jurisdiction versus similarly situated communities (feel free to explore the crime numbers in depth if you’d like). Crime in Similarly Sized Jurisdictions Crime in JurisdictionViolent Crime per 100,000 population Property Crime per 100,000 population 4. Department’s recruitment and selection process including minimum and maximum age to be hired, educational attainment requirements, and disqualifiers to employment.5. A description of the Department’s website and what should be included.6. Explain the complaint process.7. Where in the Department’s hierarchy does the Internal Affairs function fit? To whom does it report?8. An analysis of misconduct and corruption in the organization. How do you think the Department handled the issues? What other avenues might the Department explore?9. As a consultant, what changes would you make to the agency and why?10. Summary and Conclusion11. BibliographyMISCELLANEOUS• Paper should be a minimum of eight (8) pages of content.• The page number should be in the upper right corner.• The paper should not be bound but merely stapled in upper left corner.• The paper must be double spaced and composed in Times New Roman 12 point font.• The paper should have 1 inch margins all around.• All sources must be cited in the text and in the Bibliography.• Citations must be in APA format.•SETTING UP YOUR PAPER IN WORD• The first step in writing a research paper, other than choosing a topic, is developing an outline format of what you want to explain to the reader• The second step is to locate your sources and list them in the References Tab of Word • After you’ve entered all the sources that you anticipate using, you can start composing your paper (you can always add sources later). Please remember that as soon as you start to add sources, save the paper.

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