Apply Wireless Network Management Parameters

For this assignment, you will use wireless hacking tools to apply network management parameters to a wireless network. The

lab steps involve using virtual machines and specific wireless cards that can be used in monitor-mode.

After you complete the lab, write a report describing your lab experience including supporting screenshots.

Lab Instructions

1.  Download and install VirtualBox.

2. Download and install Ubuntu Desktop.

3. Download and install aircrack-ng.

4. Open on airmon-ng and find the wireless network card on your machine (Usually it is wlan0 or wlexcXXXXX). (screenshot)

5. Start airmon-ng.

6. In a new terminal tab or window, start airodump-ng. You will start to see wireless networks appear in the terminal window.

7. Find the wireless network you want to attack and note the BSSID, then stop airodump-ng.

8. In a new terminal tab or window, start running airodump-ng against the specific BSSID you identified.

1. After you are able to capture the WPA handshake, stop airodump-ng and start aireplay-ng. Aireplay-ng is used to de-authenti

    cate wireless clients from the BSSID.

2. Once you have capture the pre-shared key, you can run aircrack-ng against the captured pre-shared key file you collected in

    step #8.

Length: 3-5 page report with supporting screenshots. These screenshots must reflect your own work and may not be images

taken from external sources.

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