Application of a Balanced Scorecard with Synthesizing/Evaluating Concepts

Introduction (1-2 paragraphs) 

 Provide an overview of your paper. 

Module-by-Module Analysis (3-4 pages) 

 Share your decision logic and what supported the decisions you made in the Capsim experience, as well as the learnings you gained from it. 

Balanced Scorecard (3-4 pages) 

 Kaplan and Norton created the Balanced Scorecard model to serve as a dashboard for reporting a combination of financial and non-financial metrics for organizations. Executives, managers, and employees alike benefit from an understanding of what is important to the organization, what performance levels are expected, and how they are performing.

Your Capsim competition rounds used a dashboard to report selected performance metrics to your team. This allowed you to know where you were in relation to your goals and what levers of control you might want to adjust to continue making progress. 

Create a Portfolio Project that:

 Applies an assessment of the five principles of a Strategy-Focused Organization to your Capsim experience.

 Provides recommendations for further improvement in team performance. 

Career Learnings (1-2 pages)

 Discuss how you can take your Capsim and course experiences forward into your career. 

Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)

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