Application and discussion: Journalism and Science

Instructions 1. Read the articles below:a. Discussion reading: Misleading media and reporting? (attached) b. When Balance is Bias (attached) 2. Write a 1-1.5 page response to the prompts below the articles (about 500 words).Discussion promptsAddress these discussion prompts in your assignment. You can use headers to separate your responses. You must use paragraphs.1. What is your opinion on these articles? Make sure you give a detailed opinion. Do not just summarize the articles – we’ve all read them. If you don’t give an opinion, you will be marked off.2. Give an example of how reporting on a subject distorts or misrepresents the science. I’m not asking for fraud – rather, an example of when journalistic balance distorts the weight of evidence. Your example must be related to a biological science, preferably environmental science. Cite your sources. 

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