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I am an Information Communication Technology (ICT) professional with an outstanding background in programming, web development and networking. With time, I have mastered how to address all issues and concerns based in system management and development.

Through Experience I have become a trustworthy professional who enjoys working in a ICT based work environment and others. I offer strong knowledge of ICT products and correlated services based on the need. Dependability and punctuality with development aptitude has become my core values.

I have developed to be an ICT professional, successful at handling tasks, working hard and being an outgoing team member.

Apart from that I have gained administrative experience in running different tasks and different forms of work. I have learnt to handle people on different fields and with different ideologies on the relative work tasks.

Am quick and committed learner, result oriented, excellent analytical skills and exceptional working knowledge of computer applications with Interpersonal skills gained through working efficiently with various teams and interacting with people of diverse cultural backgrounds in youth summits. I have excellent oral and written communication skills (Fluent in English & Swahili). I am also experienced in customer service delivery in multiple fields.

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