Assignment relates to chapter 5 “Structures of International Business Organizations” by Les R. Dlabay & James Calvert Scott, “The Global Entrepreneur”. (Chapter is attached to this order)

* Select a company that you might consider as a strategic partner to business. Make use of previously notes from your chapter readings, and conduct additional research besides your textbook to obtain the information you need to answer the questions below.

Answer the following questions:

 1.Describe how your company might have started as a sole proprietorship or a partnership. Explain the factors that may have influenced you and the owners to select this form of business organization. 

 2.If the company becomes a multinational corporation, what benefits and problems will result? 

 3.Discribe appropriate international opportunities for the company. What products and services would be most appropriate for different geographic regions? What economic, cultural, legal or political influences must the company consider? 

 4.Which of the methods described in chapter 5, page 126, figure 5-5 would be appropriate for the company to use for international business activities? 

5.Explain the possible use of two or more of these methods for getting involved in international business.


 *Read chapter 5, the main chapter that answers questions 1,2,4 and 5, on page 135. 

*Conduct research via STATISTA that will enhance your report. 

 *Prepare a 4-page written report (Write, bold, number and underline each question within the content of the report). 

 *Your answers must be relevant to the textbook chapter readings and research conducted.

 *Write original and do not paraphrase (copy/paste) in more than 30%. *Format your case questions’ answers writing content APA style of writing (Review rubrics for requirements). 

 *As required, reference your work from the Textbook and use STATISTA references from the FNU Library. 


 *APA Formatting (Margins, Line Spacing, Running Head, Page Numbering, Paragraphs Indents, Proper Referencing, In-Text Referencing, References Hanging Indents, Font Style and Size)  

*Relevancy (To the Chapters’ readings and Research conducted) 

*Originality Report (70% or higher) 

*Writing Volume (4 full pages) 

*Referencing Sources (Textbook and STATISTA from the FNU Electronic Library) 

Link to access STATISTA and FNU Library for references is

ID> 24439

Password> onlinelibrary39

 Once you have signed to LIRN – Go to your Business section – Select STATISTA

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