Analyze the Capella Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) program from available material, resources, and discussions with enrollment counselors and academic advising. Consider your perceptions and expectations of the program and how those align with your career goals. Based on your review of the MSIT program, describe your perceptions and expectations of the program and your strategies to successfully complete the program.

Describe the Capella Resources and Support services provided on the home page for this course. Identify the ones you expect to use frequently and why. Do you have suggestions for additions?

( I have attached a screenshot of the resources available)

The following resources provide information about information technology careers. These resources will help you complete the learning activities for this week. Aten, K., DiRenzo, M., & Shatnawi, D. (2017, July). Gender and professional e-networks: Implications of gender heterophily on job search facilitation and outcomes. Computers in Human Behavior, 72, 470–478. Bednarz, A. (2016a, December 9). 7 hiring trends for 2017. Network World (Online). Bednarz, A. (2016b, November 14). 37% of IT pros to look for new jobs in 2017. Network World (Online). O*Net OnLine. (n.d.). Bright outlook occupations. Make tech her story: What needs to change to inspire girls’ pursuit of IT careers. (2017). Education Digest, 82(5), 55–59. Pattabiraman, K. (2019). The most promising jobs of 2019. [Blog post].

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