Analyzing Images


Analyzing Images, 4-5 pages in APA style Printed Rough Draft due in class for peer editing on 10/12 In creating this essay, you will want to make sure to: – Describe in detail how your image uses visual elements (fonts, colors, framing, etc.) and argumentative strategies (pathos, logos, ethos) – Choose elements you believe are vital to your “reading” or interpretation of the image – what does it mean to you? – Support your argument with concrete details from the image, explaining them to specifically point out features of the text that are vital to your interpretation. – Properly cite your image, and include it in your document (you can either scan it, in the case of a printed piece or include a digital file in the text). Questions to help you plan/think about your draft: – Who is the audience for the image? – What does the image mean to me? – What does my audience need to know about the context of the image or other images it refers to or relies on? – What are some visual elements used in it? A Possible Organization: Abstract- paragraph that summarizes your essay Intro -Detailed description of the image and meaning Thesis –criteria – choose which criteria you are using to base your claim about the rhetorical strategies e.g. – “The photoshopped romance novel cover uses color, facial expressions/body language, and text to make a statement about changing gender roles in society today.” Body Paragraph 1 General description of the image: Additional Body Paragraph(s) Criteria 1 – color – Criteria 2 – facial expressions Criteria 3 – text Conclusion – reinforces your “reading” of the image

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