All three of these parts of the HW Asssignments MUST BE COMPLETED FOR FULL CREDIT

All three of these parts of the HW Asssignments MUST BE COMPLETED FOR FULL CREDIT PART 1 Write an observational POST LAB REPORT Write an observational Post Lab Report *There are 3 Options !!! Please Choose One! Answer the Post Lab Questions (There are 4 ) If you are cooking, please keep in mind that you’ll need to follow Safety Rules and Good Kitchen Practices. Make sure that you practice safe knife skills. Familiarize yourself with the recipe. Mise en place: pre-measure all your ingredients before hand. PART 1 Whatever option you pick, your lab report should contain the following: •The option you picked, and sources of your information. •A brief description of the recipe. You don’t have to rewrite the whole list of ingredients and procedure, but do include a Cliff notes version. •Observations – remember to think like a scientist! Include any physical changes you observed while cooking or viewing a cooking video . Include pictures/screengrabs. Option 1: Follow and cook one of the recipes attached – they are the same ones we use when we cook in class. You can choose all or part of the recipes for this dish. Please include 2-6 pictures of your process /dish. Option 2: Find a steak or searing technique recipe that speaks to you. There are many, many different ways to sear meat or vegetables Do your research, and make sure that you explain why you chose that recipe. Even if you pick your tried and true way of making steak or searing, please find a recipe that introduces you to something new. Please include 2-6 pictures of your process /dish. Option 3: You might find that right now you are not in the position to cook any type of steak, and that’s ok. If that’s the case, please find two videos that show how to cook Steak and compare and contrast those methods. MOST IMPORTANTLY including the Science behind it. Please pick just one option. Post-Lab Conclusion: For options 1 and 2 let us know how your final product tasted. For option 3 – compare and contrast two different ways of cooking steak or searing Learning moment: did you learn something new? Share your lab report in The Discussion Forum post associated with this Lab. For full credit, please comment on at least one post from one of your classmates. Be sure to explain the role emulsification played in this lab and give at least one example of an emulsification that occurred in the lab. PART 2 These questions refer to the Lab Lesson ONLY ! Not which video or recipe you choose in the Lab Report! Post Lab Questions (There are 4 ) 1. Meat has different colors. Name 2 factors that can affect the color of meat (ie: chicken versus steak, shrimp vs tuna, etc) Explain in detail.
2. Why do the shrimps change color when cooking? a) Describe the two major chemical changes that are occurring.
3. a ) What does deglazing do ? b )why would you want to deglaze the pan? 4. What causes polenta to thicken? a) How does that happen? b) Give a scientific answer. Extra credit : If we had soaked the shrimp in lemon juice for 5 minutes prior to cooking, how do you think that would have affected the resulting dish? Give a scientific explanation! HINT: its NOT about the lemon flavor!! *ANOTHER HINT: the HW information may also be found in your LECTURE .pdf!

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