African American History


You are to complete parts one and two. Part One (1) should be completed in paragraph form. Part Two (2) should be completed in essay form with an introduction and a conclusion.


Identify five (5) of the following ten (10) terms. Define and explain the term (who/what it is), place it within its respective historical period (if you don’t know the exact year, give me at least decade and/or century) and explain its historical significance, especially as it relates to the African-American experience. Be thorough in your answer!! These identifications are NOT to be answered in one sentence!! At least one-to-two paragraphs (or more if needed) are expected per identification.

PART 2: Compare and contrast the impact of the American Revolution on Black life in the North and South. What were the regional rationales for asserting American independence and how did these rationales affect each region’s perspectives on slavery and Black military involvement? What effect did the Revolution have on Black life in-

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