Advocate for policies that improve the health of the public and the profession of nursing and health care administration.

You will develop a proposal for review by the hospital leadership team. This proposal should contain the following (at minimum): Executive summary detailing the need for collaborative care teams (CCT) and why they will benefit the hospital. At least one paragraph to summarize each of the following components, citing relevant research as applicable. Assume fictional information to formulate your rationale: Benefits of CCT to patients Benefits of CCT to clinical staff Structure of CCT (what providers are involved, and to what degree) Oversight and assessment (who is responsible for tracking the success or failure) Operational/Financial risks or areas of concern Timeline for implementation Conclusion: summarize key points to “sell” this proposal. Ideally, this will become a standardized model of care in your hospital, if a pilot is successful. APA style Include a cover and reference page Include a minimum of three references. In-text citations should be used to cite relevant research supporting your rationale for using CCT.

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