I have added all the files and the question in the upload box. In the upload box you see a file named activity question where i provided the questions. There are 5 units and each has the activity name mentioned with the book name and page number.

In the upload box i have added all book with page number.

For an example- You will see in acitivity question – Unit-1- Activity-3( kulchyski pp-12-20 and Dickason & Newbigging p. 349 (first paragraph only) & linked p. 320 from 2nd ed. as follows: Box 18.1 only) u will find this in the upload section .

IN the activity question  you will get to know which unit belongs to which book and i have added it separately in upload files section

personal note- I have mentioned 3600 words but activity has 20 questions but u have to write it according to your assumption that which question need more information which question does not.  but do not exceed more than  180 words per question. if any question requires more you can go upto max 250 but not more than  that. And please mention page number in intext citation.

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