Acme emergency medical services

Acme emergency medical services electronically performs transactions specified in HIPAA. Acme was transporting a patient when the ambulance door became unlatched and patient information flew out. John Citizen, a bystander, found and read the following information: Gender: male Age: 87 Residence: Littletown, Oklahoma (the population of Littletown is 6000 residents) Narrative: This gentleman was transported to Littletown Hospital suffering from chest pain. Answer the following questions: Describe the three-part test for determining whether information is PHI. Is the first part of the test met? Explain whether the document in question contains any of the HIPAA identifiers and, if so, which ones were included? Is the second part of the test met? Explain why you answered yes or no. Is the third part of the test met? Explain why you answered yes or no. Was there a HIPAA violation when this information fell out of the ambulance and was read by the John Citizen? SUBMIT AS A WORD DOCUMENT USING FULL SENTENCES  

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