Accounting Writing Project

Requirements: Writing, using software, and interpreting results is a large part of your learning experience. These assignments are designed to improve your use of technology and communication skills. Using proper business English and resources from the library you will comment and share your research with your classmates. Make sure you note your source in proper APA format. 

Due Dates: This project is completed over several weeks so be sure to follow the due dates carefully. Grading Rubric: Please refer to the grading rubric specific requirements. Note each week may be different Library Assistance: Link to Keiser’s elibrary resources: PowerPoint instruction on how to use the Keiser elibrary: Keiser Slide show Library-Orientation-login-and-navigate-lesson1.pptx Keiser Slide show Library-Orientation-login-and-navigate-lesson1.pptx – Alternative Formats Guidance on how to log in and use the Keiser elibrary: KU Library login guide2014October3.pdf KU Library login guide2014October3.pdf – Alternative Formats How to cite work from the library How to cite work from the library.docx This link helps with APA format: Graded Activity: Using the link below, go back to Getting Started to review the requirements for the writing project. Then click the link above labeled “Part 1 Writing Project” to upload part 1 of the writing project.

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