A survey on digital signatures

Research Paper Topic: A survey on digital signatures 

Research Paper Instructions

Format: 16 pages, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 12 pt font. 

This paper should be written as a Survey Report. 

There should be at minimum 10 authoritative sources used in the paper. Seek out major authoritative journals (IEEE, ACM, etc.) or textbooks.

Plagiarism is a serious offense and could result in a zero for the assignment. Violators may also receive an F in the course. The paper will be verified with Turnitin. 

Outline of this Survey Report:

(1) Abstract: an outline and summary of the survey report. 

(2) Introduction: a basic introduction of the background information of the research area. 

(3) State-of-The-Art: in this section, summarize other people’s research results; do not try to copy/paste the text; instead, you should present a summary for each methodology. 

(4) Comparison: you should compare and summarize other people’s methodologies. 

(5) Future Research Challenges: this is the most important section; you need to discuss the open research issues and challenges; in this section, you should be very specific about what the open issues are. 

(6) Conclusion: this section concludes your report; 

(7) List of Reference: the references should be numbered; remember that in the report, when you cite the reference, you should also indicate the reference number; properly cited in MLA format. 


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