To receive 10 extra credit points a student can write a 4 to 6 double spaced page paper on any of the topics below. This paper should include a title page with a short abstract on the title page and a reference page if needed. Students taking any of these options should submit a brief proposal and clear it with me before they begin their study, and their study cannot entail anything that may harm subjects or require morally questionable or illegal acts. Topic A: CHOOSE ONE! Do a small preliminary study that may entail (1) conducting an experiment, (2) survey, (3) participant observation study, (4) ethnography or a (5) breaching experiment. The experiment or survey option will necessarily be done on a manageable small scale and entail testing and evaluating a hypothesis or replicating existing research and then summarizing the significance of the results. Students doing a participant observation study or ethnography will go into a real world setting and over time record and summarize their observations and then draw conclusions about their significance and relevance to existing theory in social psychology and human well-being. Students who choose to do a breaching experiment can go out in the field, and by challenging a social norm or convention or social psychological concept, test its validity and reliability. Students can also go out in the field and do intervention, outcome analysis, oppressed group activism analysis and content analysis as is explained in the lecture on methods.  

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