“A critical analysis of the UK supermarket sector and my preparedness to work as a manager in this sector”


Key Reading List:

MGT 134:

Principles of Management – Anastasia H. Cortes, David S Brighr, and Eva Hartmann

Management International 2nd Edition – Richard L Daft, Alan Benson, BrianHenry 

MGT 136:

Exploring Strategy, Text and Cases, 12th Edition – Gerry Johnson, Richard Whittington, Duncan Angwin, Patrick Regner, and Kevan Scholes 2020

Slack, N and Brandon-Jones A, 2018, Essentials of Operations Management. Pearson   UK

Porter, Michael E, 1996, What is Strategy?

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Part A 

Essay not a report (Analytical tone)

 Structure (Introduction, Body, Summary) 

Intro – Overview of industry, comparative statistical information (recent), the pandemic, emerging trends. 

Body – Per component (Topics presented on PDF) or combined discussion (can use subheadings or paragraphs to distinguish ideas. Be clear and concise, evidence claims, identify factors pre and post pandemic 

Summary – Overview of discussions, highlights of identified challenges, importance of proactive management practice and link to Part B (E.g. … In part B, I discuss and evidence how my learning has equipped me to address and effectively manage the challenges identified). 

Part B 

Same Document, Similar structure to Part A but of a reflective tone

 Structure (Introduction, Body, Summary) 

Intro – Review of Part A (short summary of what was achieved in Part A, highlight the key challenges and identify areas of core focus for this part. 

Body – Relevant theories: Systems, Contingency etc.; Decision making, Sustainable Management, Business Ethics principles etc.. (the rest presented on PDF) and how they enable managers like you to address the challenges focused on. Examples! Link them to the literature, your understanding, case studies. 

Summary – Overall summary of the entire essay, addressing highlights from Parts A and B. 

If you have any questions about anything please do not hesitate to message me. 

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