This CIO article presents a perspective uniting data and the successful management and outcomes of projects. Read and comment on a particular part of the article that speaks to you. There are three overriding themes here, but you can certainly provide additional perspectives: project management, data, and analytics. 


7173112 hours ago

1. Choose a particular social media tool, and tell three items that can make it valuable in a business situation. 

 2. Social media provide nearly real-time feedback on just about every entry. What is the importance of real-time oversight of an organization’s social media presence? Project Management 

 3. One of the most insidious problems with projects is scope creep. What is that? How can it be managed? Thought: what does a project manager do when an upper manager comes to you and wants an additional feature added to a project that was not budgeted for? There’s no ultimate book or resource answer for this question, BTW. 

 4. Do some quick research on the software development approach named Agile. What is it? How is it effective? Why? How does it differ from older methods? 

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