4-5 Speech w/ Visual Aid

Create a 4-5 minute speech with the Problem-Cause-Solution speech order.

There should be a minimum of six scholarly sources in their speech, including

citations for all statistics (I have them you can just incorporate them in). All speeches will include a visual aid with its source

Outline for Speech w/ Sources: 

I. Introduction

a. Ending homelessness is crucial to creating a more compassionate society

b. Homelessness perpetuates a deep cycle of poverty and exclusion (Cunningham)

c. Benefits everyone

d. The cycle of poverty, barriers to resources, strategies

e. A concerned citizen who believes everyone should have access to basic resources

II. Problem-Cause-Solution

a. Problem- Homelessness perpetuates poverty/exclusion

i. Food insecurity, lack of access to basic hygiene, unaffordable housing (Kondratas)

ii. Social exclusion

b. Cause- Barriers to resources

i. Lack of a stable address (Burt) ii. Structural issues (Watts)

c. Solution- Strategies

i. Providing affordable and supportive housing (Padgett)

ii. Addressing structural issues

III. Conclusion: We need to greatly reduce homelessness

a. All of these issues can be aided through strategies such as affordable housing and addressing structural issues. (Donley)

b. Reach out to local elected officials to advocate for policies and funding


Burt, M. (2000). A new look at homelessness in America. Retrieved June, 25, 2011. 

Cunningham, M. (2009). Preventing and ending homelessness: Next steps. Washington, DC: Urban Institute.

Donley, A. M., Wright, J. D., & McNamara, R. H. (2008). Homelessness in America.

Kondratas, A. (1991). Ending homelessness: Policy challenges. American Psychologist, 46(11), 1226.

Padgett, D., Henwood, B. F., & Tsemberis, S. J. (2016). Housing First: Ending homelessness, transforming systems, and changing lives. Oxford University Press, USA

Watts, G. R. (2021). Homelessness is an ethical issue in America. AMA Journal of Ethics, 23(11), 835-839.

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