4.2 Written Assignment with Allocation Table

In your paper this week you will address: 

1. Should factors such as Medicaid costs and revenue for the organization be considered when discussing scarcity? 

2. Is there a way to remove any bias based on the allocation of funding? Is there a way to make these procedures equal? If so, how? 

3. What rationale did you use to rank the interventions? Did you use only economic approaches or did you also take into account the moral and ethical issues associated with scarcity? 

4. Do you think it is appropriate for Medicaid patients to have access to services that might be different than those patients who have Medicare or private insurance? 

Include the allocation table as an appendix to your written assignment.

Maximum 3 pages – not including the abstract, title page, references or appendices.

 APA format is required. 12 Point Times New Roman font, entire document must have the same font throughout. Including the references and headers. Minimum of 2 academic and/or professional references. 

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