2000 words essay on the entrepenaur charlie mcgregor the founder of the student hotel


Using an entrepreneur of your choice from the options below, critically evaluate their entrepreneurial motivations and characteristics using appropriate academic models.

 Assignment 1 will be a written essay of 2000 words. 

 You are required to choose a entreprenuer Charlie mcgregor Investigate the individual’s motivational factors and traits that have led to their success. Your essay must include analysis of entrepreneurial theories and models that relate to your selected entrepreneur • Charlie McGregor, 

The Student Hotel Within your essay you must include: •

 An introduction to your chosen entrepreneur and their venture/s.

 • The choices they made and the directions they took on their journey to success (a brief historical background of their career to date, including failures as well as successes) 

 • The driving factors that led them to where they are now and their personal characteristics and motivations that made it possible.

 • The entrepreneurial theories and models that align to this individual and their development. 

 • Critically evaluate the factors that you believe have contributed to their success, both individually and externally (macro-environmental factors). 

 • The personal traits that will continue to support their continued growth and consideration of their resilience going forward.

 You must present your essay with a title page, this to include:- • The title of the essay: The Entrepreneurial Motivations and Characteristics of [INSERT NAME OF CHOSEN ENTREPRENEUR] • Your name • Your student ID number • The module title: Entrepreneurship BMIH5001 • Your lecturer’s name. 

 References & In-text citations You must use credible sources for your research from online sources, textbooks, media, and industry journals to support your essay. 

This is a 2,000 word paper and so you need to include 20 sources as a minimum. These must also be inserted as in text citations, to support your writing.

 PLEASE NOTE: As this is written as an essay, it must follow the approved academic essay format with: Introduction (5-10% of word count) – Usually short and introduces the context and reason for writing the essay- ‘This is what this essay is about’. Main body (80% of word count) – Develops key themes and topics around the writer’s position, which link together to produce logical and coherent progression ideas, with each paragraph linking to the title of the essay “The golden thread of essay writing”. And conclusion (10-15% of word count). – 

Summarises the content of the essay and presents concluding arguments and implications for the future ‘Here’s what this essay has shown’. It is completed by a reference list (Using the Harvard referencing system) this is an essential part of your essay but is not included within the word count and should make 1% of your total word count so for 2000 words a minimum of 20 reference sources accurately cited within the essay.

 In addition to this structure there must be NO inclusion of sub-headings, font changes, diagrams, illustrations, photographs, or such like within the essay. 

 Font settings: • Arial or Times New Roman font, size 12 • 1.5 line spacing 

 • Justify text

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