2 ethical theories


25% A 1200-word minimum, typed double-spaced essay comparing/contrasting or evaluating 2 ethical theories of your choice. They do not need to be totally opposing in nature. Strengths and/or weaknesses may be addressed. You may also explore a commonality between theories and argue for the best application of it. You must make an argument in the paper, rather than reporting information about the subjects. Font size 12, in a traditional font style. Double spaced. A low word count results in partial or no credit. A late paper gets zero credit. If you plagiarize or copy and paste a definition from an outside source, you’ll get zero credit and a referral to the Dean and/or the Director of Disciplinary Action. A proper form should essentially have 5 components:

 Introduction / Theory #1 (factual only, no opinion) / Theory #2 (factual only, no opinion) / Personal evaluation, criticism, etc / Conclusion 

 PHI 2600 – Midterm essay grading rubric and guideline: An “A” paper will have: +A proper introduction that sets up the paper well. 

A specific intention for the goal of the paper must be stated. 

 +An accurate summation of two ethical theories we’ve studied, covering the most relevant points, one at a time in sufficient detail 

 +An original, well-reasoned evaluation of each theory (i.e. your thoughts) in connection to the theories that shows a degree of critical thought. You may compare/contrast, highlight certain features that stand out, exhibit commonality, or show where there is application to certain moral situations. 

 +A logical structure that demonstrates effort, detail to editing and a clear flow of information.

+A succinct conclusion that neatly wraps up the purpose of the paper. 

 +Reach proper word count of  1200+ words   

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