2 Case Studies Paper

NO PLAGIARISM, PLEASE MAKE IT SEEMS AS IF A UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL STUDENT WROTE IT.The four pages should be divided by the TWO separate cases, FOR CONTEXT: Strategic Management Concepts and Cases Competitiveness and Globalization (Michael A. Hitt, R. Duane Ireland etc. ) PG 470-477 (z-lib.org)For this assignment you will be completing three case studies (see attached):1 – Tim Hortons 2 – Southwest AirlinesYou should prepare each case as follows:Executive Summary (6-7 sentences)Paragraph 1: IntroParagraph 2: Situation AnalysisParagraph 3: SWOT AnalysisParagraph 4: Strategy Formulation (How would you formulate a response to the issue presented?)Paragraph 5: Strategy ImplementationParagraph 6: Closing

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