1. Title

2. Attribution (three or more citations in the body of the work) APA format.

3. A functional work cited list ( do not list any work you did not demonstrate you used in the paper you wrote)

4. Follow the rules of proper grammar.

5. I offer 20 points each time you visit the writing center for assistance. Take advantage of this opportunity.

1. Locate one example of cultural appropriation in any art form you choose. It can be contemporary (now) or historic. Remember, appropriation is not just a “Black and White” issue. Cultural appropriation happens between many cultures.

2. Research the topic and take any position you choose. As usual, make sure you use at least three sources and demonstrate attribution in the body of your work.

3. Remember, we value your opinion, but we also want to ensure that your thoughts and ideas can be enriched with expert and alternate sources. Be sure to include the solutions, not just the dilemma.

4. You may use the readings as one of your sources, but make sure you use at least two additional sources to make your case.

Understanding appropriation vs appreciation – https://youtu.be/8NO3fUpbEOc 

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