1. Assume that the total number of late pizzas in the past year equals 1,000

    2. Given your  team brainstormed reasons in Part A, assign a value to each reason (e.g. oven was not pre-heated on time = 150 times out of 1,000)

    3. Construct Pareto Chart utilizing the following template (excel is the best tool to use to construct the Pareto chart):

        ◦ Please note that “Category D, A, B, E, C” below have to correspond to your team reasons for late pizzas deliveries:

    a. Machinery/Equipment/Plant

    b. People/Employees

    c. Methods/Policies/Procedures

    d. Materials/Supplies

    e. You may use “Other” category if necessary

My values:

Category A – 150/1000

Category B – 500/1000

Category C – 75/1000

Category D – 175/1000

Category E – 100/1000

Late Pizza Deliveries

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